Made for younot some idea of you

This year, Naturana went in search of women who just love being a woman - with everything that goes with it. As a brand, we have set ourselves the goal of supporting women in all walks of life. And that's exactly why the new Dynamic Fit collection was developed. The flexible fit supports and forgives at the same time.


The body changes and that is completely normal. But you feel just like our girls overwhelmed with size charts? Be inspired by their stories and love your body with all its curves, edges and dents because we love it too.

RED HAIR AND Freckles...
Superwoman Claudia

In her everyday life, Claudia balances family, job and the Pilates group. your superpower? positivity!

"Life is too short to be angry."

She used to be laughed at for her red hair and freckles. Today she is envied for it.

Superwoman Michelle

"My superpower is self-love!"

Michelle has learned to accept and grow from life and experiences, both internally and externally.
And she has a message for all women:

"We women are beautiful in all our facets and differences. That's why we should rediscover the belief in ourselves that has been lost over the past decades through mutual comparisons and unrealistic ideals of beauty.

Superwoman Christina

Christina is always amazed at how incredibly strong women are in so many different ways.

It doesn't matter whether it's stressful everyday work, overcoming a serious illness or giving birth to children, women can do everything and look damn good at the same time!

By participating in the lingerie shoot, she wants to show herself and others what a strong woman she is.

Our bras are one thing above all: made for women

Buying a comfortable bra is self-care. Because we want to feel good and not emulate any ideal of beauty.
The bras and underwear from the Dynamic Fit collection adapt perfectly to the body thanks to elastic, innovative materials and are comfortable to wear. Size fluctuations become a minor matter with the Dynamic Fit.

No squeezing, no forcing, no pinching - underwear that simply fits in every situation. This leaves more time for the things that are really important and fun. :-)