The Power of Comfort

No woman should have her day, or self-esteem ruined by an uncomfortable bra ever again.

Comfort is Powerful

We want to live in a world where women courageously uplift each other. Comfort is powerful. And empowered women are capable of amazing things. That’s why we design dynamic, soft, incredibly comfortable everyday pieces for you to feel confident in your body(wear). So go ahead, support your sisters (and your breasts!), and shape the future day by day.

Who we are

Did you know that female empowerment has been at our core since the start? Yep. In 1917, our founder, Carl Dölker, envisioned a non-constricting corset. He collaborated with physician Richard Haehl to craft a corset that supported the female form while giving women the space to move and breathe freely. Revolutionary!

Since 1950 to this day, we uplift and empower women — and you! And we're proud to say that over 70% of our employees are women, from our seamstresses to our CEO. While firmly rooted in our rich history of expertise and cutting-edge techniques, we’re a fresh and forward-thinking brand that understands what women want today, cheering you on to be your most authentic self. Whoop! 

When women are comfortable, they are unstoppable.

What we do

Comfort is key. We design high-quality bodywear that moves with you, never against you. Centring on the naturalness of NATURANA, we celebrate authenticity, supporting your (constantly changing) female form with natural fibres and soft, stretchy, yet strong fabrics. Our Everyday Collection understands that no day is the same and offers dynamic pieces for each day of the week to match your mood. The Solutions Collections embraces cutting-edge techniques and designs to level up your comfort. We celebrate that there is always a fit that meets your needs.

Why we do what we do

The Power of Comfort

Comfort is always cool and powerful. We support & empower women with bodywear that fits instead of forcing an unnatural shape. We joyously offer straightforward designs that elevate each day with comfort.

For Every Body, Every Day

Looking for everyday comfort? To smooth out a little roll or minimize your bust? Whatever your need, we've got your back. Our bodies change. We make sure there is always a fit.

Innovative Expertise

Since 1917, we're dedicated to our craft and your bodies. Continuously improving our designs, we spearhead bodywear technology and innovative textiles to guarantee comfort & pleasure of wearing.

Celebrating Authenticity

Celebrating the empowering comfort of feeling good in your own skin with our confidence-inspiring bodywear. We don't change your shape, we want to celebrate you with our bodywear, precisely as you are.

Beautiful Inclusivity

We proudly take a stand and support all women today and tomorrow. Inclusivity is key. Like a bouquet of wildflowers, we adore the beauty of our differences. Whatever your size, skin tone, background, dreams, or biology—you are all women.


If you want to be a part of the change, you have to take responsibility. We focus our responsibility on two pillars: women and the planet. Durable, timeless pieces are key. Soft fabrics and natural materials are our jam. And the Power of Comfort is not just a slogan - it's a promise!
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