The success story of NATURANA

Over 100 years of tradition

Our great-grandfather had his first real success with the reform corset - a corset that made women less constrained and was just a lot more comfortable than that,

what was on the market. That's still the key to our success - we always succeed with the products that are insanely comfortable.

Stephanie, Eva and Claudia Dölker


A revolutionary

in an idyllic village in the middle of nature, on the edge of the Swabian Alb - Gomaringen. This is where the history of our company began on July 10, 1917. On that day, Carl Dölker founded his corset factory, which later got the name NATURANA.

The company has influenced and shaped a large number of trends over the past 100 years: from corsets and the invention of the first bra to materials that were revolutionary at the time, such as elastane, rubber threads and microfiber, to the world-famous Minimizer, which still inspires our customers today.

The exciting development of the company has been recorded at our location in Gomaringen in the corsetry museum. There you can marvel at all the important milestones of our past.

If you want to know more about the exciting development of the products at Naturana, then take a look at our museum page!