This is what we stand for:

Sustainable management has always been important to us. Naturana was founded during the First World War - in 1917. Back then, resources were much scarcer and options were limited. Clever planning and production had to be done with these resources. We have kept this spirit. As a Swabian company, we have always produced and worked in an economical and resource-saving manner. It's in our blood.

Our products are extensively tested for convenience, quality and durability.
Because products that people like to wear for a long time are sustainable.

Our sustainability goals

We have set ourselves the goal that until the year 2023
80% of our cotton products are made from organic cotton
 will pass.

We plan Produce 25% of our collection from either organic cotton or recycled materials by 2025.

For the procurement of our materials we transport mainly by ship and truck, and only use short-haul flights in exceptional cases. The goal is, to improve our ecological balance.

We work regularly working together with our competitors and other textile manufacturers on new, sustainable processesto reduce our carbon footprint.

Production chain

As a family business we have long-lasting and good partnerships have always been highly valued – with our employees, suppliers and customers. We enjoy working with people we know, whom we trust and whose values we share. 60% of our products will be manufactured by our long-term partners. The remaining 40% of the products produce ourselves in our own production facilities in Europe. In the future we would like to switch to in-house production for the most part.

Besides, we are proud Members of the BSCI. We support safe and fair working conditions along the entire production chain. Therefore, all of our suppliers must have BSCI certification by the end of 2021, so the same standards apply wherever our products are made.

We are proud members of the BSCI

BSCI is an initiative to improve social standards in production facilities in low-wage and developing countries
to be checked and strengthened - for verifiable sustainability in the supply chain.

Production chain

Production facilities

We pay special attention to sustainability both in our own production facilities and at our partners.

Wherever possible, we bundle our transports, so one resource-saving production ensured becomes. Our own production facilities are in Poland, Romania, Portugal and the Czech Republic. We have long-standing, trusting relationships with our suppliers.

The fabrics that we process in our own production facilities in Europe are also largely made in Europe, especially in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria, produced.

Waste reduction

We use those state-of-the-art software for our cutting to reduce waste. We use fabric leftovers from seasonal collections and unused raw materials to manufacture other products that are only produced until the remaining raw materials are used up. Our Naturana employees receive the prototypes of our products.


60% of our products are transported to Germany by ship. The remaining 40% of the products coming from our European production facilities are transported by truck only. We only transport our products by plane if absolutely necessary. We have set ourselves the goal of transporting most of our products by train and truck in the future


We are aware that the fashion industry cannot be as sustainable as we would like. Especially fabrics that are directly on the body are stressed daily by movement, frequent washing and friction with other items of clothing. The demands on the material are high: it should be soft, supple, dimensionally stable, elastic, comfortable and durable. In addition, the cups are permanently deformed ("moulded"), which demands a lot from the material. In order to achieve this, many complex production steps are necessary, which take their toll on the environment.

In addition to the quality standards, we naturally want to keep inspiring our customers with new colors and revised models. Our design team is always looking for new, sustainable materials that can be processed using innovative methods without compromising quality and fit. Environmentally friendly raw materials such as organic cotton, modal and bamboo are sometimes used in our bras. We have also started using recycled materials and will continue to do so in the future.

We take all these requirements into account when procuring the material and in our product design. In addition, we make sure that the items are beautiful and practical at the same time, and affordable for every woman.

It is our goal to manufacture all our products in the most sustainable way.
We're far from perfect, but we're always improving.


Sustainable and limited

We process raw materials as resource-friendly as possible. Should there be too many materials, we look for clever ways to process them. The Waste Less collection is made exclusively from high-quality leftover fabrics. The styles are produced in our production facilities in Europe.
The sustainable bras and panties are on a smaller scale, limited and only available online.


OEKO-TEX® certified items

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles that have been tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer trust and high product safety. The entire textile supply chain is checked.

Shipping and packaging

We hang up our laundry and swimwear in stores Recycled hangers on. These go through a cycle. Broken hangers that can no longer be used are sent back to the manufacturer, melted down and given a new lease of life as recycled hangers.

Our hang tags and hanger sliders are off eco-friendly crop paper, Paper made from agricultural waste. In general, we try to avoid packaging material. If it is necessary, we use recycled poly bags.

Our manufacturer sales are gradually setting up FSC paper bags (paper from sustainable forestry).

The cardboard boxes of our online shop are made from 30% grass and 70% recycled waste paper and are included DHL Go Green sent.

Companies and people

At our headquarters in Gomaringen, we pay particular attention to energy efficiency. We switched completely to green electricity in 2020 and have installed a combined heat and power plant. Thanks in part to these measures, we came third at the KEFFIZIENZGIPFEL 2020 among all participating companies that are committed to increasing energy efficiency in their operations through their measures.

We support the TIMA e.V. initiative in Tübingen, which protects children and young people from sexual degradation, body shaming and violence. TEAM stands for Tpower Initiative Mut and Aendured and was founded in 1989 by committed women who work together for the interests of girls and boys and for their protection. They organize workshops, courses and events for the affected children and young people and their legal guardians on violence prevention, self-protection and health promotion.

Sustainability is important to us. The basic idea of offering our customers long-lasting, high-quality products accompanies us every day. We are far from the goal, but we have already laid the foundation and are working on continuously improving ourselves in the area of sustainability.