Naturana Basics

Basics are essential and a must-have for every woman's wardrobe. Basics such as an underskirt, shape top or slip offer you perfect wearing comfort. The basics come in the colors beige and black in wonderfully soft materials that feel like a second skin. Shirts & leggings in materials such as wool & silk are among our basics, which perfectly complement the wardrobe.


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Underskirt Plain - BlackUnderskirt Plain - Black
Underskirt Plain - Black Sale price24,95 €
Underskirt Plain - Light BeigeUnderskirt Plain - Light Beige
Underskirt Plain - Light Beige Sale price24,95 €
Underskirt Plain - WhiteUnderskirt Plain - White
Underskirt Plain - White Sale price24,95 €
Top Organic Cotton - WhiteTop Organic Cotton - White
Top Organic Cotton - White Sale price14,95 €
Top Organic Cotton - BlackTop Organic Cotton - Black
Top Organic Cotton - Black Sale price14,95 €
Clean Cut Tanktop - BlackClean Cut Tanktop - Black
Clean Cut Tanktop - Black Sale price37,95 €
Clean Cut Tanktop - Light BeigeClean Cut Tanktop - Light Beige
Clean Cut Tanktop - WhiteClean Cut Tanktop - White
Clean Cut Tanktop - White Sale price37,95 €
Tank Top Organic Cotton - WhiteTank Top Organic Cotton - White
Tank Top Organic Cotton - BlackTank Top Organic Cotton - Black
Organic Cotton T-Shirt - BlackOrganic Cotton T-Shirt - Black
Organic Cotton T-Shirt - Black Sale price19,95 €
Organic Cotton T-Shirt - WhiteOrganic Cotton T-Shirt - White
Organic Cotton T-Shirt - White Sale price19,95 €
Clean Cut Cycling Shorts - BlackClean Cut Cycling Shorts - Black
Clean Cut Cycling Shorts - Light BeigeClean Cut Cycling Shorts - Light Beige
Clean Cut Cycling Shorts - WhiteClean Cut Cycling Shorts - White
Cycling shorts with shaping effect - BlackCycling shorts with shaping effect - Black
Cycling shorts with shaping effect - Light BeigeCycling shorts with shaping effect - Light Beige