This is what we stand for:

Sustainable management has always been important to us. Naturana was founded during the First World War - in 1917. Back then, resources were much scarcer and options were limited. These resources had to be cleverly planned and produced. We have kept this spirit. As a Swabian company, we have always produced and worked economically and in a way that conserves resources. It's in our blood.

Our products are extensively tested for convenience, quality and durability.
Because products that are worn with pleasure and for a long time are sustainable.

Our sustainability goals

Production chain

As a family company, we have long-lasting and good partnerships have always been valued - with our employees, suppliers and customers. We like to work with people we know, whom we trust and whose values we share. 60% of our products will be manufactured by our long-term partners. The remaining 40% of the products we ourselves in our own production facilities in Europe. In the future, we would like to largely switch to in-house production.

We are also proud Members of the BSCI. We support safe and fair working conditions along the entire production chain. Therefore, all of our suppliers must have BSCI certification by the end of 2021so that the same standards apply everywhere, no matter where our products are manufactured.

We are proud members of the BSCI

Production chain

Production facilities

We pay special attention to sustainability in our own production facilities as well as with our partners.

Wherever possible, we bundle our transports, so that a Resource-saving production ensured will. Our own production facilities are in Poland, Romania, Portugal and the Czech Republic. We have long-standing, trusting relationships with our suppliers.

The substances that we process in our own production facilities in Europe are also largely made in Europe, especially in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria, produced.

Waste reduction

We use that state-of-the-art software for our cutting to reduce waste. We use fabric remnants from seasonal collections and unused raw materials to manufacture other products that are only produced until the remaining raw materials are used up. Our Naturana employees receive the prototypes of our products.


60% of our products are transported to Germany by ship. The remaining 40% of the products that come from our European production facilities are only transported by truck. We only transport our products by air when it is absolutely necessary. We have set ourselves the goal of transporting most of our products by train and truck in the future.


We understand that the fashion industry cannot be as sustainable as we would like it to be. Above all, fabrics that are directly on the body are stressed daily through movement, frequent washing and friction with other items of clothing. The demands on the material are high: it should be soft, supple, dimensionally stable, elastic, comfortable and durable. In addition, the cups are permanently deformed ("molded"), which demands a lot from the material. To achieve this, many complex production steps are necessary, which take their toll on the environment.

In addition to the quality requirements, we naturally want to inspire our customers again and again with new colors and revised models. Our design team is always on the lookout for new, sustainable materials that can be processed using innovative methods without compromising quality and fit. Environmentally friendly raw materials such as organic cotton, modal and bamboo are sometimes used in bras. We have also started using recycled materials and will continue to expand this in the future.

We take all of these requirements into account in our procurement of materials and in our product design. In addition, we make sure that the articles are beautiful and at the same time practical, and affordable for every woman.

It is our goal to manufacture all of our products in the most sustainable way possible.
We're far from perfect, but we're constantly improving.

Waste Less Kapsel-Kollektion

Nachhaltig und limitiert

Wir verarbeiten Rohstoffe so ressourcenschonend wie möglich. Sollten doch mal zu viele Materialien vorhanden sein, suchen wir clevere Wege um diese zu verarbeiten. Die Waste Less Kollektion ist ausschließlich aus hochwertigen Stoffresten produziert. Produziert werden die Styles in unseren Produktionsstätten in Europa.
Die nachhaltigen BHs und Slips sind in kleinerem Umfang, limitiert und nur online erhältlich.

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Shipping and packaging

Companies and people

Sustainability is important to us. The basic idea of offering our customers long-lasting, high-quality products accompanies us every day. We are still a long way from reaching our goal, but we have already laid a foundation and are working on continuously improving ourselves in the area of sustainability.

This is how you can easily contribute to sustainability:

Improve the longevity of your laundry items. Do your laundry in one Laundry bags / bags. 30 degrees are enough. Air dry your laundry instead of a dryer.
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