Made for you
not some idea of you

This year Naturana has been looking for women who just love to be women - with everything that goes with that. As a brand, we have set ourselves the goal of supporting women in all walks of life. And it is precisely for this reason that the new Dynamic Fit collection was developed. The flexible fit supports and forgives at the same time.


The body is changing and that is completely normal. But just like our girls, do you feel overwhelmed with size charts? Be inspired by their stories and love your body with all its curves, edges and dents, because we love it too.

Red hair and freckles ...

Superwoman Claudia

Claudia is wearing the underwire bra

I love to be a strong woman

Superwoman Michelle

Michelle loves the mesh bra

My body shows my strength

Superwoman Christina

Christina's favorite underwired bra


Our bras are one thing above all: made for women

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